Ultius.com Review
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Quality 2.0
Support 1.5
Price 1.5
General: 1.6

Ultius.com Review

All I wanted was to find a writer who writes in proper English at low prices. I saw that many reliable websites offer affordable priced services. Many are downright cheap too! But I thought the quality might differ. One should place an order only if they are a hundred percent sure about that one site. You can also avail exciting discounts online to make the order cheap.

Recently, I gave a try to Ultius.com. Yes, the ones who claim to be legit and say they have only American writers on-board. At the first glance, anyone would be awestruck, because what else can you ask for? But with proper research and reading the honest reviews, you will know the reality.

Website Review

The site clearly boasts of American writers. This impressed me at first, but it also raised some questions in my mind when I read other sections at their website. They haven’t offered anything remarkably different or unique. All they are offering is only basic services. Custom essays and stuff you can easily get at other low paid sites as well. Many other services offer a promo code that can help you reduce prices, and I was a bit upset to find none on Ultius.com.

Customer Support

One downside of the customer support is that they ask for your personal details before you can initiate the chat. I mean, what is the point? A chat is only to get quick information about your doubts, but a chat with Ultius was time-consuming. I found out later that even over the phone, you can never confirm when your essay will be delivered. This is the biggest negative aspect they have. My head started to hurt while wanting to get updates on my order status.


They talk highly about their American native English-speaking writers, who are highly qualified and will turn in your project before your deadline approaches. Partially, it is true. They do turn in the work before the deadline, but then the rest of it is a fake. Their American writers apparently do not produce high-quality content. The essay I received was of a very basic level, and couldn’t be submitted as a college work! It was a real disappointment, to be honest. I do believe that there are professionals working for that company, but I didn’t get to meet one. They should test their writers more strictly, as some of them clearly lack qualifications.


The customer Ultius reviews are mixed. Some people have had good experience with them, while others have had really horrible experience, to begin with. The reviews on the web majorly talk about the bad experiences only, and that’s where I believe the reality is. Most of the customer reviews on the organic website are anyways positive, to gather a crowd and to lure people to pay for their services.

Overall Feedback

Talking about the services, everything about Ultius.com was not as much as it is hyped online. The services are ‘okay’. They did deliver the work on time, but the writers are not professional. Or at least the one who wrote my literature essay. I was not at all satisfied with the quality of the content that I received. It was not only very basic and school-level, but also lacked a deep research that should form a part of every project that you submit to university or college. And I’m not even talking about basic grammar mistakes.

If you ask me, I would not recommend this company to anyone who is willing to spend as much as $70 just for 2 pages of an essay. It was a mistake when I decided to buy their services. What they submitted to me was not even worth ten bucks! I felt like I wasted my money big time.

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