Ukwritings Review – What is That?
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Quality 3
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Price 2.7
General: 2.8

Ukwritings Review – What is That?

Ukwritings is one of the popular essay writing services among students around the world. The main benefit of the UK writings is the price that is really low compared to the majority of the similar services out there. But does that mean you should buy something just because it’s cheap? Well, that is exactly what we are about to find out in this in-depth Ukwritings review.

Executive Summary

There are hundreds of online writing services you can find in 2020, but how do you know which of those are worth your time and money and which are just no-good scammers? There are many opinions on the matter, and every user might have a different experience, but we are here to give you an unbiased review on Ukwritings and tell you whether it“s worth your time and money or not. We evaluate different aspects of the service’s functioning and give you a final score. Let’s dive in!


Price is arguably the best thing about Ukwriting because the average price of a single page might be one of the lowest ever. The cheapest essay will total you some $11.28 per page, which is cheap, but you need to keep in mind that the more complex your paper gets, the more expensive it will be. The most expensive writing, like a dissertation, will take you up to $40 per page, but if you want just a regular essay, it will be relatively cheap.



That’s where the problems in our UK writings review begin. Quality is the main issue most clients have with this service and for a good reason. To check the quality of their papers out, we ordered a basic 2-page essay as a fake customer, and this essay was not up to the standards, to say the least. The formatting was off, there was no thesis, we’ve also detected grammar errors as if it wasn’t written by a native speaker, and the essay missed on several points from the instructions.

Service Review

It is simple and intuitive, to be honest. You can make an order quickly, which is exactly what they want you to do – make an order and then just forget about you. This is a huge problem with this service, they care about you only up to the point where you make an order and pay.

Pros and Cons

Pros – Cheap and Easy to order

Cons – Low quality, Poor Communication

Online Reputation

UK writing is a famous service that has been around for quite some time, and that is why there are many people who use their help on a regular basis. Though it is not a secret that the quality of the papers delivered by this service is rather poor, some people would still order there just because it’s cheap.


The company does not give you any guarantees of the quality of the end-product. You will never know what you are going to get – a decent paper or some unreadable trash. They, however, say that you can claim your money back in case the paper is not up to your expectations. That’s a good thing, but we are not sure whether they do give you money back or not.

Types of Services

These guys provide several types of services: essay, dissertation, cover letter, CV, writing, copywriting, editing, and proofreading. This is a rather wide scope of services, to say the least, but they say that they have professionals in each area. This is a rather dubious statement, and most likely, these are the same people writing all of that stuff all the time.

Ordering Process

This is simple; you can make an order straight from the main page of the website. Just login, choose what you need, and proceed to the payment section. Yes! You pay upfront, which is just awful. You pay for something you did not even see, so you might ask is UK writings legit? Well, they do write papers, but you pay upfront without any idea of what you are going to get.

Paper Quality

That is the worst part of our UK writings experience – the paper we received was just off. The grammar was terrible, the writer did not follow the instructions, there was no clear structure, and the formatting was off. It looked like a rough draft of a paper rather than a proper essay we expected to receive.

Information About the Writers

They say their writers are native-speakers and academic professionals, which we hardly believe considering the quality of the order we received. It was not written by a native speaker neither by an academic professional.

Information About the Writers

Customer Support

This is yet another weak point of the UK writing services in general. You can communicate with the support via chat or use their contact number and just call them. Either way, you’ll encounter careless treatment and negligence, so that’s what it is like to communicate with supporters at

Offers and Extra Services

They have some deals like discount code and referral bonuses, so you can have your papers even cheaper. Hopefully, it does not also make them worse. Anyway, they have some rewards and loyalty bonuses.

More Reviews

If that review is not enough, you can go check other reviews online. Some of those are positive, which is kinda suspicious, and we think those are paid reviews. Well, that is the Internet, and people are free to express their opinions there, so you can check the reviews on Trustpilot and other websites.

Ukwritings FAQ

👉 How to use Ukwritings?

Just log in, choose what you need, and pay. Straight and simple.

👉 How much does it cost?

Starting with around 12$ and up to 40$ per page depending on deadline, discipline, and complexity.

👉 Is Ukwritings legit?

UK writings legit status is dubious. If bad papers are legit, then yes, it is legit.

👉 Is Ukwritings good?

No, it is not good. It is cheap but really far from being good.

👉 Is Ukwritings safe?

Depending on what you mean by safe. It does deliver papers, but the quality is not up to the standards of academic writing.

Final Rate and Conclusion

Upon reviewing the Ukwritings, we’ve concluded that it is not a good place to order your papers from. We rate it at 3 out of 10 in terms of quality. Though it is cheap, it might be better to pay some more and get a good paper rather than get yourself a trashy essay you’d rather throw away than submit to your prof.

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