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I got an amazing job two months ago, and I managed to study well in the university, but at some point, I understood that I just could not do it any longer. I started sleeping four hours per day, and after the first panic attack, I made up my mind. I could not choose between the studies and the work because I promised my parents to receive a diploma, and I cannot lose this job because I might never get such second chance. That is why I addressed the essay writing company, namely –  UK-based Essay Writing Service established in 2003. The topic of my assignment was: “Introduction to social media marketing for students.” I will tell you about my experience with this writing service below.

General impression

Before placing an order, I read a lot of reviews on this academic writing company, and though there were some negative ones, I still thought that overall, the company is credible. I decided I wanted to try and was ready for the bad results. However, the results turned out to be not that bad, but, of course, not the best.

Customer support

The UkEssays website seemed friendly, and when I addressed the customer support representative, he turned out very polite, but a bit slow in his answers (we communicated via chat). In spite of that, I got all the information I needed, and I started placing an order. The order form was fine, but what annoyed me is that I needed the Vancouver format, and the form only offered me the basic formats – there was no option “Other.” I had to contact the customer support again, and the representative promised me to add this himself, which seemed weird to me.

The Prices

Though the price seemed a bit over the top, I still agreed to order the paper because I needed to get rid of the panic attacks forever. After I placed the order, the writers started applying with their bids. What irritated me much was that when I wanted to see the profile of the writer, the majority of them did not have any information on their profiles. In the end, I chose the one who had at least some information.

When the deadline came, I received a message that the writer needs additional six hours. I was okay with that, but what if my submission was the same as the deadline? Would they just not give me the paper I paid for? Anyway, after six hours, I received my essay, and honestly, I was disappointed. I mean it was on the topic, but I found several typos, and the level of writing reminded me the high schooler.

The conclusion

I got “B-” for the paper, and it is okay, but I think I paid a little bit too much. If I were ever going to need the help of the essay writing company, I would find another one. To sum up, I can say this:

  • The website was helpful. However, the order form was not the most user-friendly one;
  • The customer support was friendly, but a bit slow;
  • I could not find any information on the majority of the writers;
  • The paper was basic.

This was my review, and I hope you found it useful.

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