Locus Assignments Review – What’s That?
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Locus Assignments Review – What’s That?

locus assignments review

Locus Assignment is an academic assistance service that provides services to students around the world. It also offers editing and tutors feedback service, so you can refine your work if you need it. Though it has been around for years, it seems that Locus still fails to provide quality service to the customers, which is why we need to take a closer look at it.


Executive Summary

Today, we are going to discuss Locus Assignments, a kind of a well-known academic assistance service that claims to be the best in the industry. Is that so? Well, we are about to find out. In this review, we are going to examine the price and quality of this service and give you detailed feedback on whether students should trust Locus.

Price is easily one of the most expensive websites of this kind we’ve ever reviewed. The lowest price we saw there is 90$, which is just crazy, and it can go up to as much as 200$. You would not see such prices anywhere else, that’s for sure, so that’s the first alarm sign for us – that is way too expensive.

locus assignments price


Looking at their prices, you might think these guys make top notch assignments. That’s not the case here – the quality of the papers they deliver is average at best, sometimes these are poorly written papers you’d be ashamed to submit to your tutor. The price-to-quality ratio is just ridiculously low, so we would not recommend paying a single dime for those papers.

Service Review

The main problem is that the website of Locus online is rather primitive. Once you enter the website, there’s this pop-up chat that annoys you, and the colors look bleak and unappealing. They offer three major types of services: Research, Proofreading, and Corrections & Feedback. Basically, all of that comes down to writing papers, but that’s another story because most of the similar services do the same thing.

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Pros and Cons

Pros – 24/7 Support, Feedback Service

Cons – High prices, Low quality, Long response time, you pay before you get the job done, no guarantees of quality.

Online Reputation

Most people say that Locus is a scam and that they do not deliver on their promises in most cases. This company has a really low rating among the students who used their services, and to no surprise since they have the highest prices and the lowest quality of all the similar services. According to many students, Locus is easily the worst academic service in 2020.


These guys give you no quality guarantees, nothing at all, no matter how we tried to find anything on their website, we could not find anything that would make us believe they are going to deliver us a quality paper. This website offers a lot of things, but the guarantee is not one of them, so if you are a regular customer, you won’t find any proofs of their reliability or quality.

Types of Services

Well, there are three types of services writers at Locus Assignment help you with: Researching, Proofreading, and Feedback. If you are familiar with academic writing, you know that all of that stands for just writing essays. This is completely normal for most similar services, so there’s not much to talk about here – that’s just what they do, so you can use their services or not.

Ordering Process

The process of making an order is rather simple, but there’s one huge problem in there. First of all, you need to register and login to the website. After that, you need to pick the type of work, the number of pages, complexity, and all that stuff. And here’s the problem – you need to pay for your work immediately after that! No guarantees, just pay in advance and see what you get. This is just like gambling, if you ask me, because you don’t know what you are going to get – a decent paper or a useless scum.

Paper Quality

We’ve ordered a simple paper there for the sake of Locus Assignments review and to make sure they are as bad as people say. Well, that was a rather simple assignment, and yet it was done poorly; the quality was below average. Not terrible, but considering the price of 90$ we paid for it, it could have been so much better. It was a disappointing experience considering the high price.

Information About the Writers

These guys provide little to no information about their writers; in fact, you cannot really contact them yourself. All the communication you are going to have is with the support, which makes it hard for you to really get your idea to the writer. But considering the poor quality of the written material we received, we have doubts regarding the writers being native speakers.

Customer Support

It works 24/7, which is nice. You can call them or use chat to communicate with the supporters. You cannot talk to writers directly, so you need to rely on supporters completely. Basically, these guys do a good job, and they clearly have a tremendous workload. Supporters may be one of the few positive aspects of this service.

Offers and Extra Services

As said, there are only three types of services this company provides. But there also are some minor services like plag-checking so you can be sure your work is 100% unique. This is a small bonus for you, so you can submit your work and not worry about Turnitin.

More Reviews

There are not too many reviews of this service out there, maybe because people do not want to talk about it. We’ve found a couple of positive reviews out there, which we assume are paid by the Locus, but in general, there are more negative reviews of this service with people being displeased by Locus. FAQ

❗ How to use

You log in, make an order, pay for it, and wait till they finish your work – no guarantees though.

❗ Is legit?

Well, it is legit if that’s what you mean by making bad papers at the highest prices.

❗ Is good?

No, by any means. It is one of the worst academic assistance websites.

❗ Is safe?

Well, they take your money and leave you waiting for ambiguous results, so it is not entirely safe.

Final Rate and Conclusion

So, our updated rate for the Locus Assignments is 3 out of 10. Yes, they can write a paper for you, but it will be the most expensive paper you’ll ever order, and it will be written poorly. This is not a decent service, if you ask me, and you should totally consider ordering from anywhere else if you want to get a decent paper. Alternative

Locus Assignments UK.Edubirdie
Affordable no yes
Good Quality no yes
High rating no yes
Takes Money Upfront yes no
Trustworthy no yes

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