GradesFixer Review: What is Gradesfixer?
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GradesFixer Review: What is Gradesfixer?

Gradesfixer is an academic assistance service that helps you find or write an original essay on any topic within almost any realistic deadline. works with hundreds of professional writers and academic workers from English-speaking countries like the UK and the US so that they can give you an almost 100% guarantee of quality.

Gradesfixer review

In this GradesFixer Review, we are going to answer some of the most common questions you might have regarding this service. We will give you my gradesfixer reviews after making an order on this website and give you an unbiased opinion on this service.

Is Gradesfixer Legit?

Gradesfixer is an essay writing service that offers you samples of ready essays for you to use, as well as completely original essays you can order from the professional writers that are available for you to choose on the website. As you make an order on this website, you can choose from dozens of topics in different disciplines available on the list:

  • English 101
  • Anthropology
  • Business Studies
  • Leadership Studies
  • Marketing
  • Management

If your topic is not available among those options, you can enter it manually. You can order cover letters, testimonials, personal statements, and almost any other kind of work on this website. In most cases, they will find you a writer competent in that field in a matter of minutes. You just have to send your instructions to the writer, and they will start working on your unique and totally plagiarism free assignment.

Who Are Gradesfixer Writers?

The writers are the most important people in any similar service, that is for sure, and you might be wondering who are the writers working for the Some of them are anonymous writers, and they do not want their names to be disclosed because they might be working for different universities and write essays to make some extra money, so they obviously do not want anyone to know about their side activities. Some of them are just professionals in a certain field who also want to make extra money and have no problems with their names being disclosed.

These people would gladly write any kind of paper for you – some of them have years and years of academic paper writing experience, so you can be sure they will deliver a quality paper on any topic in a timely manner.

gradesfixer writers

Support Team Review

For the convenience of both client and the writer, there’s a support team that helps you in case any issues arise. We contacted their support team, pretending to be a customer, asking questions, and looking for information. Gradesfixer has a 24/7 support team that helps you place an order if you don’t know how, resolve any issues regarding the completion of your assignment, send messages directly to the writer, and just be there in case you need any assistance or information. They have a screen chat where you can talk directly to the representative of the support team, which can be really convenient in case you have any immediate matters to resolve.

Safety and Confidentiality

If you never used this or and other similar services, you may be asking yourself: is Gradesfixer reliable? The simple answer is yes, it is – there’s no scam, these guys are legit, and they do their job right. The service guarantees you complete anonymity, and if you wish so, the writer won’t even know your name or any of your personal information. There also are several safe payment methods you can use, so you can be sure your money is totally secure.

gradesfixer review

Additionally, in the unlikely case of your paper being not what you expected it to be, you can claim a refund by contacting a support department, and if your assignment has been written poorly, you will receive your money back. It happens rarely, but you know, the writers are people, and they can make mistakes.

How to Make an Order and How Much Does Gradesfixer Cost?

To make an order, the first thing you need to do is to login to the Gradesfixer website using your e-mail or Facebook account. This will not be shown on your Facebook page, but you will receive the opportunity to place the order on the website and choose the writers. Also, this will give you the chance to get a discount code or a coupon for the free pages in the future.

The prices depend on several factors: the complexity of the discipline, the deadline, and the proficiency of the writer you pick. There are three categories of writers in there – all writers, premium, and platinum, with the latter being the most expensive. The cost is among the best on the market, and if you add discounts and special offers, you’ll get a high-value offer.

gradesfixer review

Quality Check

To check whether Gradesfixer is really good, we ordered a paper in literature, the most basic one, but it allowed us to evaluate the quality of the writing and the service as a whole. The first thing we’ve noticed is a quick response of the support team who picked the order up – these guys found us an anonymous writer.

At first, we were anxious about this anonymous writer as there was no name and no picture of this person whatsoever, so we just had to wait and see. We received the finished paper earlier than expected – free of any mistakes either in formatting or grammar, on point, up to the standards of academic writing, and just looking good all around. The support then notified that in case any issues arise, we had 14 days to ask for revision or refund. Is Gradesfixer reliable with Turnitin and other plag-checkers? Yes, it is, we checked the paper, and it was 100% unique. They also offer their free plag-check tool to make sure the text is 100% unique, and help you some more, they feature a free conclusion maker for each paper, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

gradesfixer plagiarism checker

Wrap Up

Gradesfixer is one of many similar services we reviewed, and truth be told, easily one of the better options you have. The value is good; the price-to-quality ratio is great; the writers seem to be professional and responsible people who know exactly what they are doing. We feel good about recommending this service to any student, so if you need your paper done quickly and well, you can totally use Gradesfixer.

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