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Recently I was looking for an essay writing website in the UK with low prices. I was in pains trying and getting ready for my friend’s birthday party. I spent an eternity in search of the present; I was ironing my dress. And I had yet to paint a birthday card because a had inspiration and great idea to convey. Surely, with all that I had no inspiration at all to write an assignment for my History of Interior Design and Furniture course in Art College. I had an assignment to be done and no matter how just to pass it and forget. And, of course, I had not so many funds left. My essay topic was Victorian Design Decorative Elements.

The company

I came across a site which promised the lowest prices. The website is not that great to fall in love with this company, but as their aim is to reduce prices, maybe, they just save the money on the design. They guarantee unlimited free revisions, but only for dissertation or thesis, plagiarism check by their quality assurance team and money back guarantee. They provide all usual services: papers writing, rewriting and proofreading, you can also buy a power point presentation. I wondered what the “Online classes” they offer – but it led me to the page “Services”, as well as the “Resume writing” and “Research and Analyses” options. Massive Privacy Policy page ensures the site is legit.

The pricing

The prices are really low. You can choose the paper quality (2:2 Standard, 2:1 Standard and First Class) and the deadline. The price starts at £8.95 per page for the 6-days time limit, and they charge additional £5 per page for each quality level. And when you have 24 hours left, the 2:2 Standard page will cost £17.95. I noticed a Special seasonal offers and deals essay writing company England sign, but it was inactive.

Customer support

I tried to contact online essay writing service live chat several times, as I was not sure if this essay writing help England could do Arts assignments. But they had no available agents each time, so I quit trying and gave them a call. They assured me that the company was OK with all the subjects except Programming. I placed an order and left for the birthday party.

The Writers

The writers are no less than Master’s degree, some of them even PhD. I found no detailed information about these English essay writers. The custom essay writing service in UK do not even promise, that their staff are the native speakers. Compared to the other websites calling their staff the best and top rated professionals, it was quite unexpected.


The conclusion

I was feeling quite sceptical about essay writing in England companies, but as I’ve mentioned, I just needed something to hand over. So, the quality was rather adequate. The professor said that it showed a depth of thought and connected the History with the contemporary design tendencies. I am satisfied for a one-time order.

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