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General: 2.9 Review

I believe every student can understand me. I was running out of time, trying to deal with three projects and absolutely forgot about the essay I also had to write and when I found that there is just one day left until the deadline – this was a disaster. I used to do everything on my own as I want to be a qualified specialist, but in this situation, I had nothing to do, but search for some good and trustworthy essay writing service online. I didn’t know where to start. I only knew that when it’s about the paper that will reflect your academic success, you want it to be minimum of a great quality, therefore, I’ve been going through tons of websites and found them all familiar with each other. It was desperate. Then I just decided to ask my best friend if he knows something about this. He said that he used to ask EssayEmpire for help when it’s really hard to go on his own, I went to this site and, after his advice, I decided to check out the Essay Empire reviews. I entrusted them my work and this is what I got for it. Here is my Essay Empire review.


The Registration

I liked that the registration process is simple and fast – it took four minutes to place an order and it was a little bit strange, but it ensured me that the site is serious when they asked me for my mobile phone number.

I filled my personal information and was transmitted to the next page where I indicated the details of my paper, and I should highlight that I liked that they ask for a detailed description of my work.

Next, I proceeded to the payment information and overall information about the order.

What Did I Do While They Were Working On My Paper?

When I placed my order I was contacted by the writer that was going to write my essay and he explained to me that I made some mistakes in the description, I was glad that the person was doing his job well. I had just 24 hours until the deadline. Therefore, I was afraid that we could mess it up but then I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose right now, all I had to do is to believe in that person. I was reading the reviews on the in order to calm down a little bit and when I haven’t found a single bad feedback on the Essay Empire review page I finally let myself to breathe freely – everyone was satisfied with their results, and I believed that I would have a good paper.


2 Hours Before The Deadline

It was 8 AM and I was still waiting for my paper. I was shocked, confused and didn’t know what to do. I decided to contact the Essay Empire customer support, they answered me pretty fast, saying that everything is ok and the writer must send the paper within the next hour. In about 10 minutes I received the completed essay with plagiarism report. I was happy, but only until I received my grade. My professor said that the paper contained too many syntax and grammar mistakes, and that it contained plagiarism, which meant I had to rewrite it.



In conclusion of my review, I can’t say that this service is a complete disaster simply because it was my first experience and I have nothing to compare it with. There are some benefits. The prices are quite affordable – one page of an essay from an undergraduate writer costs only $10 and the speed of work is quite impressive. However, there are more negative sides. The quality wasn’t perfect as they claim, a plagiarism report, as well as 24/7 support, cost additional money, and there is no possibility to start a conversation with a customer support before the registration, which is also bad.

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