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I came from a party and suddenly found a note I had left for myself a few days (or maybe, years) ago: “Sociology!” God damn, it was for the next day… I ran through my notes and discovered a topic I suggested myself. I’ve hit the brick wall: what was I going to say? How, on earth, can I justify my point of view? What arguments can I put forth? Trying to stole some ready-made Internet samples was doomed to failure. The topic was: “Why I hate charity.”

The company

So, I searched for a custom essay writing service in the UK working 24 hours. I managed to find a website that offered the work done in shortest term and ordered the essay, wondering, what it will be like. Then I began to examine the site to kill time. I supposed they would call me and tell they were giving my money back and not making that weird assignment. But that online essay writing service confirmed the order.
I checked that they had money back guarantee

because I still couldn’t believe they would do it for me. And it would be painful to lose both my reputation at college and my money. So, they give money-back guarantee, originality and timely delivery guarantees. They do the double-check to ensure the paper quality and provide unlimited revisions for 14 days.
I found a comparison to “other companies” like it was something holistic, quite confusing, but it provided useful information. The list of services they offer was impressive; it included not only standard papers but also Non-word Assignment, Paraphrasing, Statistics Projects, and Speeches.

The pricing

The price is calculated while taking into consideration the required educational level of assignment (GCSE, GNVQ, A-level, A2 Degree, Masters), the number of pages, and the type of work, the time limits (from three hours to ten days). The three-hours work cost is very far from the starting £16.47 per page Undergraduate and my £17.11 per page for Degree quality. I was eager to have my paper ready in three hours but decided that I can wait till the morning and save about £80 for three pages. The essay writing company gave me a welcoming discount with a promo code first15.

Customer support

This essay writing website provides the best support in the UK. The live chat window popped up immediately as I entered the site, which was of great use, as I was in a hurry and saved time and nerves searching for prices, timing and so on. They consulted me and even comforted, and gave a discount.


The customers’ reviews show that this essay writing is reliable, is working fast, and provides the communication with the writer via chat board (which I hadn’t used).

The Writers

I felt calmed to know they give the writers fair compensation. I always was afraid of such companies that just take your money and hire some low-quality inexperienced English essay writers for pennies. The team of native-speaking top professional writers with strict specialization sounds great.

The result

When I woke up in the morning, my essay was ready. It wasn’t rated high, but at least the professor never guessed that it wasn’t my work.

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