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In college, I fell in love with a beautiful girl. We spend a lot of time together but undoubtedly not studying. So, we have developed a dependence on the essay writing help. And, to say, I do keep my grades high. Now, I have a topic “The major problems of modern Science” waiting for me.

The Company

I entered one of the essay writing companies in England which I have already used before – They offer essays, theses, dissertations, research papers, proofreading and other stuff. They provide an ability to hire a previous writer, which I find useful. I have ordered from this site twice and was using the option to buy “plagiarism report,” which appeared to be helpful. I have also checked their money back guarantee. Back then I ordered a massive essay, but at that time they didn’t manage to find a writer and returned my funds. They provide a wide range of quality services.


Pricing and discounts

The prices on are affordable compared to other sites. To get a quotation, you should place the order, but a standard price for my regular assignments was about £12,95 per page, if not urgent. Admittedly, it depends not only on the deadline and word count but also on the paper type and your educational level. If you are undergraduate, like me, you are lucky. So, if you want to order a term paper, make it in advance. You can get a welcoming discount if you ask the Support Team for a promo code.

The Support Team

I think the customer support team BuyEssay makes this essay writing company one of the best in England. The company provides 24/7 support, and they always find time to answer even the stupid question and to provide all the needed information. They also know my girlfriend’s name and that we both order from them.

The Writers is said to hire freelance professionals preferably from UK and USA with Master’s Degree or Ph.D. The company guarantees their English essay writers are the native speakers. It is excellent, as I never wanted some person from India or Africa, or a Chinese guy writing for me – not that I doubted they could be educated and do it well, but the tutors could notice that it wasn’t my usual style.


The Feedback

You can always find positive feedback about as well as negative. Some people just do not realize their complaints can show that they are wrong indeed, lazy or not responsible. I read one bad review about this online writing service, and I can say: that guy should have failed to provide instructions or attach some necessary file, and was demanding the new essay with the same topic but different requirements. The rest of reviews say it is the best website for students, and the writers are top rated. They also praise the support girls and guys. Can’t disagree that support team is helpful, though I left with the mixed feelings about the actual writers on BuyEssay.

The Result

My fault for being not attentive enough. The first paper I received from them got a rather high grade, so I was expecting no less this time as well. Unfortunately, I got a firm “C,” and the professor was surprised to get such an assignment from me. I got almost caught on cheating as he didn’t believe I was the one to write the paper. I guess you don’t always win.

Due to many controversial points, we can’t recommend so that you can use another more qualitative writing service

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