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Proofreadmyessay.co.uk Review

I am studying abroad, in a college in England, not for very long. It is very difficult to manage all those assignments, to do them correctly and timely. My roommate, a native English speaker, often helps me to check grammar in important papers. This time, he was too busy doing his own work, and he told me to do it myself. But it was an essay in the Management Skills Developing course. I could write my point of view, but only in very simple language, and our professor doesn’t like it.
My topic was “Effective Delegation”.

Proofreadmyessay reviews

The company website

Then, my friend suggested me to use a custom essay writing service in UK. I found some companies that offered help, and I have chosen Proofreadmyessay.co. I liked the editing samples at the site and a “test drive” opportunity – you can upload your work up to 500 words and get this sample edited for free.

It is quite confusing that they invite everybody to “join their team” on the front page – I think, even I could apply. But my mate told me, they surely made kind of exams for writers. Also, it is nice that they return the orders in 24 hours’ term.


I like that you can see all the prices immediately, and don’t have to wait until they call you back or send an e-mail, as with the other essay writing help from England I’ve found. They charge £18.00 for 1000 words proofreading and formatting for foreign students and £13.00 for native students. Sound unfair, isn’t it? Nevertheless, I pretended to be my roommate and used his credit card, and I’ve got it cheaper this way. They also do proofreading only (£15.00/£10.00) and formatting only (£5.00/£5.00) services.


I even wrote to the live chat to ask if they can write an assignment from a scratch for me. They answered immediately, but they do not write, they only edit, and could not recommend any partners.

Proofreadmyessay.co.uk legit


I also checked up the customers’ feedback for this essay writing website in the UK. I saw that some students were thankful for their help with MBA. One guy writes that he found the comments useful. I also like, that they comment on mistakes and you know what was wrong. Many people say that they recommend this top essay writing company England to friends. And I also noticed there is an affiliate system at this online essay writing service site. You can get money for every document your friend is ready to buy, and he gets a 10% discount.

The Writers

The English essay writers of this website are claimed to be professional proofreaders with postgraduate Master’s degree or higher degree who were tested by the company.

My Conclusion

The only thing about which I was not happy with this essay writing from England is that I could not choose the quality of my paper editing – like, good, great, and perfect. Because the quality I received was only a bit higher than I would’ve written myself. But still, it was rated higher than all of my previous works, so thanks for that at least.

Due to many controversial points, we can’t recommend Proofreadmyessay.co.uk, so you can use other more qualitative writing service